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Jubilee celebrations for Daventry Bromford Support

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On Friday 1st June, a team from Bromford Support held an indoor street party in Daventry, giving customers the chance to celebrate the Jubilee and Olympics.

Bromford's Karen Clarke tells us more...
A lot of work and preparation went into the event, including creating an Olympic timeline showing previous athletes and what they have achieved, some of which suffer physical and mental illness and even Derek Redmond who comes from Northamptonshire. The team also created posters, showing current athletes who will be taking place in this year's Olympics and again telling their stories.
Posters were created to show how different countries celebrate the queen including Barbados, Canada and Australia - the idea of this was to then create a quiz for customers to complete, meaning they would have to walk round the room to find the answers on the posters and the winner received a prize.
The team also held a raffle which included some great prizes including local Cinema, Tenpin bowling and pizza hut vouchers. 
A number of customers volunteered to help with the day by decorating the room, and one lady even went as far to bake 100 cup cakes which where then sold to raise money for YOU CAN, raising an amazing total of £65.50!
The event was advertised locally, with our customers creating posters and handing these out on key working sessions.  They also completed an event calendar on Facebook and even managed to advertise for free via the Heart FM website and over the airwaves via the radio station.
Inspiration FM (local radio station) did a live interview with one of our customers on the day, where she also promoted our Facebook page and website!  (great advertising).  It was a fantastic day and the team have already received great feedback from the customers who all enjoyed the event massively. 
Having an event like this has boosted the confidence of the customer who created all those cupcakes – she is now thinking of potentially starting up her own business after being unemployed for a number of years.
Well done to everyone in Daventry for making this a great event!