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With schools going back and the final summer weather (or what’s left of it) slowly turning to autumn, it made me reflect upon just how diverse the seasons and cultures can be. Whilst in the UK schools begin to re-open again, in India we have a few months of important festivals and holidays.

As the weather changes in the UK from summer to autumn, in India it’s monsoon weather in the west and in the north people will be welcoming the respite from a very hot summer. With the change in season, this month’s update focuses on how you can prepare for the cooler months to come.

Getting ready for colder weatherBromford engineer repairing cupboard door

With colder weather on the horizon, now is a good time to do some simple checks on your home to make sure you’re prepared for the change in temperature.

Our repairs team have produced a range of videos on our Bromford YouTube channel that can show you useful tips such as how to bleed your radiators or re-pressurise your boiler. Our handy ‘how-to’ guides are also a great place to start.

By testing everything now, if you do need us, book a repair now before we get really busy over the winter months.

Staying safe 

Last month we talked about gas safety week. Following on from this we’re giving away free carbon monoxide detectors to customers who have appliances like a gas fire, open chimney or solid fuel burners. It’s not a legal requirement to have one but it might just give you some peace of mind. And don’t forget when it’s time for us to come and do a safety check, please let us visit to help keep you safe. 

And talking of keeping safe, the government last week announced its plan to help protect everyone from another lockdown due to coronavirus. Our current guidance hasn’t changed so we’re happy to wear a mask if you would like us to when we visit, we continue to wash our hands and use hand sanitiser, and we welcome fresh air when we visit your home. 

Keeping everything movingBromford engineer holding a sink

As the weather gets cooler, we’re all likely to be cooking more too. Did you know that pouring chip fat and used cooking oil down the sink can cause blockages? The best way of getting rid of the fat or oil is to let it cool and pour in into a container with a lid and throw it in the bin. You can also view our Bromford YouTube channel where there are videos that show you how to unblock your sink and how to clean the sink gully. 

Carrying out repairs

In my last update, I wrote about our repairs service and how we’re working hard to get back to our standard levels of service. Over the summer months we normally see demand for our repairs service drop.

Bromford engineer repairing boilerThis would have allowed us to clear through the backlog. However we have seen the demand for our repairs service continue to grow and in the last month we've attended 6,500 repairs appointments. Despite this, we have now appointed 80% of all repairs appointments and we continue to schedule appointments as soon as we can. We're sorry if you've had to wait, we are working hard to get your repair fixed. Don’t forget we have a range of helpful guides that might help you fix something quickly, but don’t hesitate to continue to report a repair if you do need our service. We are here to help.

Being inclusive

Finally, next week (27 September to 3 October) we are supporting National Inclusion Week. This is just one of the many ways we are looking at improving the way we can be an inclusive employer. Ciara, one of our new income management advisors shares some thoughts on living with a disability and what this means to her.

I hope you enjoy reading my updates and will continue to follow them every month. I’ll be back with more news from Bromford in October. See you soon.  



Rohini joined Bromford in 2020 as our chief customer officer and has a strong background in customer experience.

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