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Rohini Mehra - chief customer officer

It’s fair to say August has been a disappointment weather wise although I’m sure you, like me, hope the forecast for next week rings true and we at least have a pleasant end to the month! Whatever you are doing, whether it’s on your own or with family and friends, I hope you are able to get some fresh air and enjoy your time as restrictions have eased in recent weeks. 

This month I wanted to update you on our performance around repairs, why we are supporting Gas Safety Week, and the vital importance of looking after our mental health.

Carrying out repairs

Back in June I wrote about our repairs service and how we’ve seen the demand for repairs increase significantly.

Over the summer the team has worked hard to ensure that we prioritise customers’ requests and get appointments in the diary, and I’m pleased to say more than 4,000 appointments have been booked in since I last updated you.

We still have a small number of you to contact but rest assured that a plan is in place to contact those remaining customers in the next week or so.

Bromford engineer fixing a kitchen cupboard.

It’s great to see so many of you providing feedback on our repairs service. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your thoughts by filling out the new YouMatter feedback survey. Your opinion really does count and it helps us to continually make improvements to our service.

Find out how to request a repair.

Keeping customers gas safe 

As we hope we’ve demonstrated throughout the pandemic, the safety and wellbeing of customers is our top priority and that’s why we’re once again supporting Gas Safety Week which runs from 13 September to 19 September. Keep an eye on our website over that week for lots of useful hints and tips but I just wanted to briefly touch on why it’s so important we complete gas safety checks in your home each year, as part of a legal requirement we have.

Bromford engineer fixing a boiler

  • safety - all appliances that burn wood or fossil fuels (such as natural gas) could produce poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) if they are not working properly. So, to keep your family safe, your Bromford Gas Safe registered engineer will check your boiler for safety and will also perform a visual check on any gas appliances you own, such as cookers or gas hobs


  • fewer breakdowns - as you would expect, when you have your boiler serviced all the main components are checked for wear and tear and replaced if necessary. That means that it is less likely to breakdown when you need it most in the chilly winter months


  • efficiency - a well-maintained and regularly serviced boiler will work more cost-effectively. This means you are using less fuel and reducing those costly energy bills

All of our engineers work to covid safe guidelines, including the use of sanitisers in work areas and wearing PPE, including masks, and our planning teams are available to speak to you about any concerns you may have around allowing access to your property. We try to be as flexible as we can when offering an appointment and can change it to a more convenient time with 48 hours’ notice, but I cannot stress enough how important it is that we attend to carry out these important annual checks. If you have any questions please speak to your neighbourhood coach.

Here are a couple of useful resources for you to use at any time: 

What are the signs of a carbon monoxide leak?

Safety Seymour – a bear on a mission to educate young children how to protect themselves from carbon monoxide 

Growing your own

Man stood next to plant.

We’ve just celebrated National Allotments Week and the great contribution allotments make in helping people to live healthier lives, grow their own food, make friends and to build a sustainable future. If you’d like to grow your own produce but don’t have a garden or outdoor space then getting an allotment could be lovely idea, but it can take time and there can be long waiting lists. It’s best to contact your local authority to find out where your nearest allotment site is. There’s lots of useful information at The National Allotment Society. Check out our story about one couple who have achieved a wonderful transformation of a piece of Bromford-owned scrub land and made it into a thriving neighbourhood allotment.

Looking after your mental health

We’ve all had moments of isolation over the past year and a half and it’s important to recognise that stress and anxiety can impact different people in different ways.

Former NHS nurse Lisa has spoken honestly and bravely about her own battle with mental health and how moving into a Bromford property last year helped put her back on the road to recovery. Please do give it a read. Women celebrating with arms up facing the sun

Friday 10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day and it’s something we passionately support. If you or someone you know is struggling, we wanted to share some helpful resources such as Hub of Hope and Samaritans and don't forget you can reach out to your neighbourhood coach too. Lisa’s story shows how mental health can impact anyone so it’s crucial we talk about mental health and suicide prevention openly and honestly.  

I hope you enjoyed reading the August update and I’ll be back again next month with another email keeping you in touch with everything happening at Bromford. Whatever the weather does decide to do, I hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend and I’ll see you next time.


Rohini joined Bromford in 2020 as our chief customer officer and has a strong background in customer experience.

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