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Change is one of the biggest stress factors in all of our lives and the reality is that for most people the transition to retirement living is one of practicality rather than desirability and this can add to the feeling of unease, writes Bromford's head of sales Alan Bradley

Loved ones have usually grown up in the family home and it can be really difficult to leave all of those memories behind. But equally there comes a point when looking to the future, remaining independent, healthy and active, and being more in-control of your costs becomes the greatest factor.

This emotional tie vs. practical pull-factor is very common and my role is actually less about sales and more about coaching and getting to know each individual considering a move to retirement living. It’s about taking them on a journey and actually finding out if moving to Park Gardens is the right decision for them – occasionally we have to have an honest conversation to say that it might not be.

I know from personal experience that getting access to care in your own home isn’t easy. My aunt had to stay in hospital for three months after they discharged her because we were waiting for an available care provider. Once one was secured, the experience was hugely stressful and ultimately detrimental to her health.

That’s why I’m so passionate that having tailored care packages readily available on site places such piece of mind on both the residents moving here but also on their extended families. Having complete flexibility over your care means you could elect to go for a low-level package for a fixed period before deciding you don’t need it any longer – having a care package definitely doesn’t mean it’s permanent and we encourage all of our residents to stay fit and active for as long as possible.

The thought of leaving your neighbourhood behind can also be daunting even if you’ve become more isolated in recent times. That’s why one of our main aims is to build a balanced community with an emphasis on individual choice – you can get involved in as little or as much as you want with both areas for quiet reflection and busier, more bustling places across your new home. Change is undoubtedly unnerving but everything we do is to help you get to a point where retirement living is something to actually embrace rather than fear.

Find out how retirement living could work for you.

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