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Now that the clocks have gone back signalling the beginning of the ‘dark nights’ and the lead into winter, it won’t be long before our thoughts are turning to Christmas (if they haven’t already).

A great time to bring family and friends together for many, the festive season can also be a really stressful and expensive time with a lot of people getting into debt in an attempt to give their children the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

With one in four families reportedly starting 2018 owing an average of £452 on credit cards it makes sense to start planning for the festivities as early as possible to avoid starting the new year in debt.

The dark nights also prompt many of us to switch on the heating and cosy up in front of the fire as the temperature outside begins to drop. And with the cost of gas and electricity being a major outgoing for many of us, the need to budget our income the best we can is doubly important at this time of year.

Bromford has a number of teams who can offer you specialised coaching with things such as managing your money, finding work and using your heating systems effectively. 

We also have loads of money advice and budgeting tools on our website to help you manage your money; and don’t forget that your neighbourhood coach is here to help too, so please get in touch with them for a chat if you’re at all worried about your finances.




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