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Gina hopes that her recently published book will open doors and give her the opportunity to travel and help people who are less fortunate in the future.

“My book is for all ages. It’s about what life stands for, what relationships, friendships, marriage stands for. Sometimes we forget what the most important things in life are and what matters the most.”

Gina has been a Bromford customer for a number of years. ‘The Angel and Her Companion’ is her first book. Written in a notebook and later typed up on a word processor, it was published earlier this year by an independent London-based publisher after she approached them with her manuscript.

“They liked the title. They liked the cover I was planning to have. It was something a bit different so once everything was finalised we decided to go into business.”

The experience of writing and publishing her book has given Gina a boost in confidence. The feedback so far has been positive so far and she even sent a copy to the Queen and received a letter of thanks back from her majesty.

Gina’s second book will be coming out next year and, while she is currently writing in her spare time and working night shifts, she hopes to one day become a full-time author so that she can continue to write more books, travel the world and help people.

“I didn’t start writing for fame. I made a promise to myself that once my book does pick up I want to help people who are in need in any way I can.”


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You can find out more about Gina’s book by searching for The Angel and Her Companion online.


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