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Sam Bradley says moving to a new home is helping her save “significantly” on household bills after being part of Bromford’s third regeneration project in the Staffordshire area.

The 48-year-old, who lives with her husband and two daughters Shannon and Holly, resided at her home on Anson Road in Alrewas for over 20 years before being informed about the plans to regenerate a number of homes on her road.

In March 2016, Bromford contacted customers to explain their decision to replace ‘Airey’ houses made of non-conventional building materials and which were extremely expensive to heat with brand new, energy efficient homes.

Sam says that while it was an initial surprise, she had predicted something was in the pipeline and that her concerns were quickly allayed.

“I had noticed a couple of properties opposite had been empty for a while so when the letter arrived it wasn’t a massive shock – I’m almost surprised it didn’t happen sooner to be honest,” Sam explained.

“Our main worry was about the location we would be rehoused to because my partner worked seven miles away and my daughters were at the local primary school and one of them had an EHC, a special needs statement, recently agreed with the school so moving out of the area would have been detrimental to them. I was also aware homes are quite hard to come by in Alrewas.”

Sam said she attended two meetings with her neighbourhood coach James Trotter and wrote down what her concerns were.

“I felt we were really listened to and James was really thorough in talking us through the whole process and getting us signed up for bidding on alternative homes that met our needs.”


Three months after learning of our initial plans, Sam and her family bid on Homes Direct for a three-bed semi-detached house a minute walk from Anson Road and were given the green light for moving in.

She added: “The homes at Anson Road were lovely big properties but they were costly to heat and because they were made of concrete you could never properly decorate or hang anything on the walls.

“Moving home is always stressful but because we had no-one waiting to move in to our old property, the process was made a lot easier. We received the keys in the September last year and moved in on 14th October. Our new home is so easy to maintain, has a better boiler, the kids are still settled as the location is brilliant and you really notice the gas bills particularly through the winter – it is saving us a significant amount.”

Suzanne Shead, Bromford’s head of locality, said: “We are committed to providing each of our customers with a high quality home that meets their needs and our asset management strategy moving forward will assess every home we own, including in Staffordshire, to decide what the best approach is to improve them to a certain standard.

“We want to ensure that we use our money in the right places to provide high quality homes that are warm and dry. It is great that Sam and her family have settled in so quickly.”

To read more about our regeneration projects please visit this page.

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