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The deadline for renewing your tax credits claim is fast approaching. In order to continue receiving tax credits, you need to renew your claim by 31 July.

It's really important that you get your claim in as soon as possible to avoid the rush and to make sure you submit your claim on time. If you don't renew by the deadline, you risk your payments being stopped and having to repay the money you have received since April.

Renewing online is quick, convenient and easier than ever before. Using the information in your renewals pack, you can renew straight away at

Renewing online is more convenient and easier than ever before. You can do it at any time and in your own time. This year, HMRC has improved their digital service, which means you can:

  • renew online
  • notify HMRC of all changes in your circumstances
  • view when your next payment is due and how much it will be.

To use the online service you will need access to:

  • your National Insurance number
  • your renewals pack
  • a mobile phone
  • and information about your income (for example your P60). You can find a full list of suitable documents here.  

HMRC also has online help and web chat facilities to help you with any queries you may have about renewing.

Don't leave renewing to deadline day - submit ahead of the 31 July deadline for your peace of mind. Doing it online means that you can make sure all your information is correct and you'll also get a confirmation text as soon as your claim is in.

For more information on how to renew your tax credits, go to





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