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New home, new life

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Finding the right home is not always easy – especially if you’re living with a medical condition that affects the way you live your life.

Neve St GeorgesNeve is five-years-old and was born prematurely at just 23 weeks with the first four months of her life being spent in hospital. She suffered oxygen deprivation which led to mild brain damage, resulting in diplegic cerebral palsy - meaning that she has to use a walking frame or wheelchair to get about.

Having spent the last four and a half years in a property with no garden and a lack of level access, Kerry (Neve’s mum) said: “I had to walk Neve around the house by hand as we couldn’t bring her walking frame into the house due to the lack of access. This bungalow will really change our lives, I’m so happy. Neve is really independent so she can now move around freely and will also be able to socialise with her school friends more - and I can get back to work.”

Stuart and Linda

Stuart has sarcoid arthritis which causes a number of health issues including numbness on his left side, breathlessness and swelling in his hands and ankles – all of which significantly affect his mobility. Moving into the wheelchair designed bungalow will give him more independence as he will be able to use the kitchen and get out into the garden thanks to the level access. Stuart’s wife, Linda, said: “We can now get on with living a happy life in our new home.”

Both families have recently moved into specially designed bungalows in Telford that, by working with occupational therapists at an early stage, have been adapted to meet their specific needs, helping to give them more independence.

 Watch the video below to find out more:

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