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Cher's running miles for St Giles

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Cher, from Lichfield, has terminal ovarian cancer. She’s only 38 and has four children. Despite her dreadful prognosis, she is keeping positive and has been busy fundraising for St Giles hospice in Whittington.

Since we first ran Cher’s story she has just achieved a 5K run and is now planning to run 10K for Cancer Research on 7 June and another walk just a week later!

Cher said: “I was last to finish the run but I was determined to get there and despite feeling like I crawled a lot of the way, I ran across the finishing line. I have really got into fundraising – it’s keeping me focussed.”

Not content to stop there, Cher is organising lots of other fundraising activities including a rally race and sky dive, culminating in a five-day trek in Vietnam.

We recently supported Cher to find a home so she could live independently with her family. She said: “I felt a load lifted from my shoulders when I recieved support in getting a house with everything else going on. I can now concentrate on my children and the precious time I have left with them and sort out guardianship. I don’t know how long I have but no-one can make me move again.”

Ovarian cancer is diagnosed annually in nearly a quarter of a million women globally, and is responsible for 140,000 deaths each year. While Cher continues to battle on, her fundraising efforts come as women worldwide stand together for 'World Ovarian Cancer Day'. 

Symptoms of ovarian cancer can often be confused with minor stomach aches, period pains or 'gastro' diseases', with symptoms including:

• An increased bloating (not just bloating which comes or goes)
• Difficulty eating/feeling full quickly
• Abdominal or pelvic pain
• A feeling of needing the toilet more often, and often suddenly. 

Cher's advice. "You know your own body, so if you think you have symptoms, go and see your GP!"

If Cher has inspired you, you can support her on the St Giles website.