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Volunteers needed for new toy swap shop in Daventry

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Local Daventry man, Michael McGrory, is setting up a community ToySwap Shop and activity club for children and is looking for volunteers to help.

Until a few years ago, Michael had two successful businesses but due to unforeseen circumstances lost both as well as his home and subsequently suffered an emotional meltdown. He said: “I went from having everything to nothing. Bromford helped me back on my feet and I now want to give something back.”

Michael has continuing health problems and is in constant pain but is dedicated to starting this community venture, the first of its kind in Daventry. “It’s important for my kids to know that you can’t give up but have to keep going.”

Michael has secured funding from a local Dragon’s Den event and the swap shop will launch in the Spring at Daventry’s Active Leisure Centre two Saturdays a month.

Michael said: “I am looking for volunteers to help for three hours on a Saturday. They can get involved with a range of things from helping with the swaps, to membership, to a raffle and activities. We will be charging £1 for annual membership and there will be a £2 fee to attend each event. Half the profit will be given back to the children of Daventry via vouchers at Christmas for new toys.”

He continued: “I have lots of ideas to grow the club and hope this will be the first of many that extends beyond Daventry in time.”

John Wade, a director at Bromford said: “Michael has been through so much but his determination to make his dream a reality and his tenacity in the face of so many knock backs is an inspiration. Michael has shown that if you know where you want to get to and you have the right attitude then anything is possible.”  

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