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Jacob's climbing the ladder to success

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Bromford customer, Jacob Fielding, has gone from homelessness to having a roof over his head and a new job as a trainee roofer at Novus Property Solutions in Lichfield.

Jacob, 19, beat nine other applicants for the post after Bromford recommended him to its roofing contractor, Novus, as part of the Bromford Deal.* Marc Goldby, investment manager at Bromford, said: “This is a great example of cross team working and partnership with our contractors.”

Carl Allcock, operations manager at Novus, said: “Jacob impressed us as despite being quite young, he’s very mature and came across as confident.”

Jacob said: “I’m really thankful for the opportunity. Technically I am better off on jobseekers allowance but I want to branch out and inspire others to get into work. Sacrifices have to be made to get to where you want to be.

“I’ve done factory work before but it isn’t for me. This job means that I’m out there doing something and I want to use my brain more.”

Jacob has overcome many barriers to get to where he is today: “My life has always been up and down. My parents split up and when things became unbearable at home. Something had to change so I made the decision to leave. I slept in a tent in the snow at one point.”

Jacob had previously been a plumbing apprentice but was made redundant and just a week before starting his new job he broke both wrists mountain biking but he has a positive can-do attitude. “The only person that can control your life is you.”

*“The Deal is a ‘something for something’ approach. We agree to provide customers with a great home and a fantastic range of services and in return we ask them not only to be great tenants, but crucially to give something back to society by getting into work, training or helping others through volunteering.