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Bromford responds to drop in unemployment

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The ONS (Office of National Statistics) today announced a drop in unemployment to 7.4%, the lowest since 2009, with the number of people out of work falling by 99,000 to 2.39 million.

In response, James Walsh, who manages Bromford's employability projects, shares his views on how social businesses like Bromford can help this number drop further. 

James Walsh, Opportunities Manager, Bromford

James walsh  profile

"The latest unemployment figures are encouraging particularly in the West Midlands, dropping nearly 1% (0.9%). However the West Midlands unemployment rate is still way too high, the second highest in the UK. 

"We are on the right track though, as the Employment Related Services sector has seen an increase in partnerships between employers, job seekers and even social businesses like Bromford, and this needs to continue. The role we have as a social landlord and support provider puts us in the perfect position to help people on their journey back to work.

"Does this suggest that welfare reforms are beginning to make a dent on unemployment? There is no doubt there are issues with the implementation of welfare reforms that need an urgent resolution, but only time will tell the real impact on the job market.

"At Bromford we have seen a significant increase in customer engagement on employability and skills over the last 18 months and we truly believe that supporting people to be the best they can be by improving skills and securing sustainable jobs is the right thing to do."

Check out the ONS labour market infographic HERE