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Money saving vines

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As part of our 'Get fit with your finances' campaign, we're showcasing money saving tips which could help you around your home and in your daily life.

Vine, the six second video from the makers of Twitter, is filled with money, energy and lifestyle saving tips. We've put together some of our favourites to show you how you can save in your bank balance and around the home.

1. Turn a milk carton into a dustpan and brush (Via Natwest)

You'll never look at a milk carton the same way again.

2. Save on your toilet roll (Via Skint Dad)

One small step can help you save using too much toilet paper.

3. Save on wrapping paper (Via Lincolnshire Co-Op)

It's what's on the inside that counts. Recycle old newspaper to add a vintage feel to your present.

4. Homemade CD/DVD stand (Via Jtb Olson)

All you need is a battery...

5. Cleaning your car lights (Via Scott Calise)

It's not just your teeth that you can clean...

 6. Don't let paint 'foil' you (Via Lowes)

Apologies for the poor pun. But don't let painting be an annoyance when cleaning up anymore.

 7. Use your cup as a speaker (Via GCFLearnFree)

Make sure you finish your drink first. Turn your empty drinks cup or glass into a speaker for your phone.

8. Expand your wardrobe (Via UniteStudents)

If you needed an excuse to buy that other top, show them this vine.

9. Just because everyone loves a lava lamp (Via General Electric)

Re-create the one item everyone wanted in the early 90's.

Do you have a money or energy saving, DIY or Life Hack? Make a Vine of it and post it to us.

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