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Racing, records and recipes on Pancake Day

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Although you can make pancakes at any time of the year, Shrove Tuesday is the perfect excuse to whip up your own sweet or savoury creations.

Pancakes are simple to make with just eggs, flour and milk for the batter and your choice of accompaniments, be it lemon or chocolate or something more sophisticated. All you need to do is fry the mixture up, give it a toss - if you’re feeling brave - and you’ve created your own masterpiece.

Where does Pancake Day come from?

Pancake Day - or Shrove Tuesday -  is traditionally a last chance to feast before fasting and reflection for Lent. Historically, Christians would forego many foods such as eggs and milk and use them all up in one go to avoid waste and so the pancake was created. 

Pancake Day racing

It wouldn’t be Pancake Day without a good old-fashioned pancake race: the oldest of which is thought to be in in Olney in Buckinghamshire. It is said that in 1445 a villager arrived late to a service after running in the street with a frying pan in hand, hence the race was born.

Now in its 66th year, last year’s male winner clocked an impressive time of 55.61 seconds whilst Summer Parsons clocked a winning time in the women’s race of 63.5 seconds. 

Pancake Day records


The Guinness World Book of Records has, of course, some pancake-related records in its archives.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • The Co-Op made a pancake which measured 49 ft in diameter and one inch deep in Rochdale on 13 August 1004. You’d need a lot of lemon for that one!
  • The most pancakes tossed in one minute was 140 by Brad Jolly in Sydney on 21 February 2012.
  • The highest pancake to be tossed was flipped by Dominic Cuzzacrea in New York on 13 November 2010. It reached a height of 9.47m. He even beat his own record by 30cm.

Check out more Pancake Day records here

Pancake recipe

                             Pancake toss

                                           (Image via

To make some delicious pancakes this Shrove Tuesday, all you will need is flour, eggs, milk, sunflower or vegetable oil and salt.

Using, we found the cheapest place to get all these ingredients from was Asda for a mere *£2.04. Not bad for a round of pancakes.

Mixing the ingredients together to make the perfect batter and tossing the pancake at the right time can be an art form. The right mixture can take 30 minutes to cook and can serve eight people.

View the recipe here.

Alternative recipes

               Pancake alt

                                   (Image via

Do you want to make a pancake with a difference this year? How about with just two ingredients?

Just take two eggs and mix it with a banana. Yes, you read that right. A banana.

Just mash up the banana in a bowl, crack the two eggs in, mix well and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy pancake batter. Simple.

 Are you making pancakes this year or something else? Share your Pancake Day attempts with us on Facebook or Twitter.

*Price as shown on 12/02/15.