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Hop on the bus with Google

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Have you ever gone out for the day and didn’t know when the next bus was? Or have you nervously got on a bus but were unsure where to get off?  Well worry no more as transport authorities across the UK have teamed up with Google Maps to map public transport.

Many of us will use Google maps to plan our family vacations, travel for work or to find hidden gems to explore. However with Google’s new update, you’ll now be able to search and plan your day with access to nearly 17,000 routes and 34,000 stopping points, ferry ports and stations.

When putting in your destination, Google Maps will now give you the option of choosing public transport such as bus, train or tram to make your journey. You can find out when the next bus is, the expected journey time and how many stops are on your route.

Google maps bus pic

When you enter your destination, the popular mapping tool will even tell you which operator will be running the buses for your journey, meaning that the day of catching the wrong bus might be behind you!

If you have Google Maps as an app, you can also use ‘Street View’ to familiarise yourself with the local surroundings.

West Midlands authority Centro are just one of a host of other authorities across the country who have joined this new service. This means that the whole of the UK’s public transport network will soon be available through the search engine.

The changes will be rolled out to different operating systems, such as Android and IOS over the next few weeks. The next time you’re out and about, why not use your phone to plan your journey.