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Get trampolining for an active mind and body!

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We all know that it’s good for us to keep healthy in mind as well as physically and taking exercise is just one element of achieving that.

The ‘Decade of health and wellbeing’ website states that there are five key ways we can all improve our health and wellbeing:

Connect with others whether it is at home, work, school or within the local community. Taking the time to develop these relationships can enhance everyday life.

Be Active … ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’ finding something suitable for your level of fitness and most importantly, which you enjoy; anything from trampolining in the garden to walking to work.

Take notice of the world around you. Noticing the simple things whilst going about your daily routine, such as a change in season or a piece of artwork and savouring the moment will help put things in perspective and allow you to be more appreciative.

Keep learning trying something different such as learning a new instrument or language will set a challenge, increasing motivation and confidence.

Give/do something nice for a friend or stranger … buy a Big Issue, help out in your local community. Putting your efforts towards a good cause can be incredibly rewarding.

We take a holistic view to wellbeing at Bromford and will be taking part in a ‘Family Health and Wellbeing Day’ this coming Thursday, 29 May at Upton, Northamptonshire.

Our support treats individuals as a whole person which looks at the following three aspects:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Social wellbeing

Sara Moylan, senior support worker says: “We may have a customer who is socially isolated and also suffering with their physical and mental wellbeing as a result. Our support would look at this person as a whole and identify these needs in order for them to improve their overall wellbeing and life.”

Case study

A customer in Daventry struggled to adapt to living independently after serving in the army. As a result, his mental wellbeing was very low and he didn’t leave his flat, didn’t take care of his home or himself and only ate at the Indian takeaway below his flat. We supported him to access a social group which then built his confidence to volunteer in his local library.

As his confidence grew he made friends and built a good social network. We then supported him to get back into playing the guitar which he loved to do which then improved his mental wellbeing. We also registered him with the local GP practice and as his social network improved he led a more active lifestyle which improved his physical wellbeing.

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