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Time to SHINE

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A special event in Birmingham marking International Woman’s Day has been heralded a success by its organisers.

Taking place last Friday (14th), the SHINE event saw inspirational speakers, arts and crafts stands, music and support agencies from across the region descend on Birmingham FC’s St Andrews Stadium to celebrate the ‘young moms’ of Brum.

SHINE (Succeed, Healthy, Independence, Nurture, Empower) event aimed to challenge stereotypes and empower young mums to think positively about themselves. Organisers Hannah Wilson and Laura Weston think the event did just that.

Laura said, “It was a fantastic day and I think everyone really enjoyed having the opportunity to network, take part in the arts, crafts and activities. The feedback we received about our inspirational speakers and live music was great.”

Hannah added, “We’re going to continue to build on the relationships we made throughout the day. We hope more customers and those who might need support will come along to our next event, meaning we’ll really be able to help young women who are struggling and who need that extra bit of inspiration.”