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You're never too old to learn

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You never stop learning in life. Whether it’s in our personal situations or at work, there’s always more to understand and it can make a huge difference to people’s lives.

Adult Learners’ Week might be drawing to a close but it’s not too late to celebrate lifelong learning and recognise adults who take up learning at whatever stage of their lives. Research shows that it can help our health, happiness and brings us greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

#ALW14 is encouraging people to have a go by attending one of thousands of events across the country.

The National Voice for Lifelong Learning’s manifesto details the crucial role that lifelong learning can play in a prosperous society and a vibrant economy. David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE said: "We are challenging the three main parties to respond to our Manifesto as we believe that a radical new skills policy is essential to reflect the economic and social circumstances we find ourselves in.

“While the economy is improving, it is still fragile and as the recent Employer Skills Survey from UKCES reported, the level of skills-gaps in workplaces across the country is a danger to lasting growth. There is a crucial role that skills and lifelong learning has to play in ensuring that we build a sustainable recovery for all.”

Tracy, aged 37 is a Bromford customer who has turned her life around by getting involved with our Employment Skills Programme and taking college courses including getting back into work, beauty and computing and getting a qualification.

Tracy used to take drugs and was a victim of domestic violence for 15 years but now she is focussed and aspires to be a support worker – all because of her new learnings. She says: “It’s just brilliant. I didn’t know that there were free courses and you are pushed – in a good way – to see what you’ve got inside yourself.  I’m a mum of four children and work part-time now. I never thought I could do more than be a shop worker but now I’d love to be a support worker to help customers as Bromford have helped me.”

She adds: “I’ve been saying to friends how brilliant I think it is. I did it initially to add to my CV but it’s given me so much more: time to be me, meet new people and have fun. A couple of friends are coming along now – it’s good for everyone!”