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How to find a holiday on a budget

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The summer has set in and it won’t be long until the 6 weeks holidays begin. As we have so many things going on in our lives, you may not have thought about a holiday.

You may have looked at your bank account and thought that you can’t afford a trip away for you and the family. Well, don’t fear. You could do something last minute or even re-create a holiday at home. It’s never too late to enjoy the sun!

Plan ahead with your money

With some savings here and there, you may be able to get a last minute deal. Check your finances and see if you can save up to go on holiday. Remember, it’s not just the cost of the holiday, but any money you will need whilst you’re enjoying the sun.

Check out our budget planner, money saving tips and a host of money management tips here.

Last minute holidays

You might be able to find a last minute holiday abroad or in the UK. Try to think of where you would like to go to help refine your search. For a last minute deal, you will need to be flexible with your dates and which airport you fly from.

There are many last minute holiday websites to choose from. Just take a search online or visit your local travel agent.

When to book for a better deal

If you have older children and are not restricted by the school timetable, book your holidays in May or October to get a cheaper deal.

If you need to book in the six week holidays, try to book in the last two weeks of August. According to, people tend to go at the start rather then the end of the holidays. Although booking within school holidays is more expensive, you could be placed with a fine or legal action if you take your children on holiday in term time.

Flying out early between Tuesday and Thursday could be the cheapest way to fly. Find out more here.

Package holidays

If you’re looking to go abroad, look to book a package holiday. This will include your flights and hotel. This can work out to be cheaper then paying for everything separately.

If you’re going away for a short stay, it may work out better to pay for items separately. Do some research and price up your flights and accommodation.

Having a holiday at home

A holiday may not be possible this year. But why not re-create a holiday at home. There are a range of activities you and the family can do. Try some of these out…

Deals on railcards

You and the family could get a railcard for £30 for the year. Use it to find new and exciting places to visit.

Find out more here

Plan a day out

There are a variety of places you can visit in your local area or throughout the country. Try Visit England for a place to see or check out ‘Free Events’, which list a variety of activities you can visit for nothing.

Go to the beach at home

Look to re-create the comforts of the seaside in your back garden. Get some deckchairs out, windbreakers, beach towels and a paddling pool. Look online to see if you can find some cheap deals on beach accessories to help you feel like you’re on the coast.

Go swimming

It may not be in the warm weather, but there are many places in the country where you can go swimming, both indoors and outdoors.

To find your local swimming pool, click here

Get away from the TV

It’s less likely that you would be watching the TV on holiday. So turns off the TV, put away your phone and log out of Facebook and Twitter and go enjoy the outdoors. Sustrans are a charity which provides information on walking and cycling throughout the UK.

Read a book, play a board game or go to a local park and pack a picnic. Get the family involved in some games. Here are some classic team games you can play.

Build a tent

Haven’t got any camping gear? Don’t worry; you can create some simple tents and tepees for the kids.

Find out how to make a quick tent outside here. If it’s a rainy day or you don’t have a garden, create an indoor tepee here. Looking to design something different? Check out some more ideas here.


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