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A way to wellbeing - the power of passion

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You’ve probably heard the story of Steve Way who came tenth for England in the Commonwealth Games marathon after giving up his unhealthy lifestyle of fags and booze. He said of his achievement: “I had no goals in life. I needed to find something I could focus all my attention on that was going to help me lose weight and keep me off the cigarettes. In order to bury your vices you need to find an equal and opposite addiction. You need to find a passion.”

Passion is something we have by the bucketful here at Bromford. We are passionate about helping people, either to find a home or support them with a myriad of life’s challenges including help with health and wellbeing.

This is something our support team in Northamptonshire is really focussed on and holds regular events to inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

The next health and wellbeing event is being planned for Tuesday, 23 September at the Salvation Army, Salem Lane in Wellingborough. Everyone is welcome to attend and find out about healthy eating, with an opportunity to create their own healthy meal; guidance on stopping smoking and exercise tips. The team will be there to advise and support and a wellbeing ‘navigator’ will be on hand with tips to deal with stress and anxiety and the wider issue of mental health – something which was very much in the news last week following the tragic death of Robin Williams. A weekly social group is also offered at the Salvation Army every Monday between 12-2pm to get people out, improve social skills and prevent isolation.

For more information on this particular event or our wider support in Northamptonshire, contact 01933 279649.

We have a strong record of helping people in Northants to improve their lives.

Barry is a good example of how we can help someone with both mental and physical challenges. Barry inherited a property from his parents but was left with £60K worth of debt when his sister passed away. Facing repossession on his childhood home really affected his mental health and he was unable to work due to physical issues.

All our colleagues are passionate about finding solutions and that passion led a support worker to think outside the box and post a plea on our colleague yammer - an internal social networking site - for help. What happened next has changed Barry’s life beyond his wildest dreams. A colleague in our lettings team responded to that yammer post and was able to put Barry in touch with a private investor who bought the house. Barry can now stay in his own home as a long-term tenant and, as the first two years of rent were included in the property sale, he doesn’t have to pay rent for two years and no longer claims benefits after 20 years in the system.

Passion can really help change lives!