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Recycle to reduce gardening costs

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In line with National Gardening Week, customer Andy Boddington shares his experiences and tips on how recycling can help the environment and save you money.

It can be difficult to garden when you don’t have much money. Recycling has helped us reduce costs in our community garden.

We are digging up the grass borders of the car park and have taken over one of the dryer areas as a garden base. In our first year, we excavated nearly a ton of building rubble and stone from the vegetable plots. We used this to level ground for a large compost bin which we put together out of old pallets. This compost bin has become our best asset.

Last year, we struck a deal with Ludlow in Bloom. Our garden now takes all the scheme’s ‘waste’. Except it’s not waste. We process all the spent compost and dead vegetation through our compost bin. We replant any plants that look like they will still flower.

We rescued hundreds of pansies when Ludlow in Bloom gave its town centre planting tubs a makeover last April. We held a Great Pansy Giveaway weekend and advertised it on local radio. Pansies that would have been thrown away livened up gardens around Ludlow all summer.

Ludlow in Bloom is replacing worn out wooden plant tubs across the town. We’ve put three of the best out on our street and planted them with flowers and herbs. Scrap wood has been used to create a woodpile in a sterile corner of our garden. We’re hoping bugs, mosses and lichen will move in. The metal hoops from the tubs are used to protect areas planted with bulbs from being mowed and trampled.

Nothing is wasted here. This keeps our costs down, as well as protecting the environment by recycling as much as we can.

Andy Boddington, Ludlow.