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Bromford launches new website

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Come into the kitchen and start exploring some of the fabulous features of Bromford’s all-new website.

This interactive heart of the home is the first customer-friendly feature you’ll see when you arrive at
The customer homepage is at the heart of a best-in-class approach that combines cutting-edge web design, video and social media to communicate with our customers and encourage them to help themselves to our great online services.
Customers can try it for yourself. For example, you can click on a fridge sticky note to pay bills or look for a home, or click on a noticeboard to get help with employment through our new social network for customers, Bromford Connect.
You can even watch one of several new Bromford videos – if you’re using a smartphone, iPad or free-access PC - by clicking on a wall-mounted TV screen on the customer site’s kitchen-style homepage.
Videos feature on key pages throughout a site that is less word-heavy, more enjoyable to use and should make it possible for most customers to find what they want within three clicks. For the first time, the annual review is in a new video-feature format and is hosted on the new site.
The customer site is matched by an all-new business site that shares many of the same features plus many others like the high-quality digital image library, designed especially for journalists and other stakeholders.
Seeing the new site come to life is a real source of pride for executive director Nick Cummins, in charge of the year-long web project.
He said: “The time was right for us to invest in creating what we are confident will become one of the best websites in the world of housing. And it’s all for the benefit of our 38,000 customers across central England.
“We’ve added great new online services, such as Bromford Connect, to help customers get the very best out of their relationship with us and provide great new opportunities to be the best they can be.
“At the same time, we’ve really embraced the use of video and social media so that we can communicate in a more effective way with our customers and stakeholders.
“Video is such a powerful way of communicating with people. Of course, what you’ll see in the launch version of our website is only the start – we will keep adding more videos as the weeks and months go by. 
“What’s more, the technology behind the new site means it works really well for customers if they are browsing on a smartphone or any of the other new mobile devices they use to access the web.”
Communications manager Alex Abbotts is equally enthusiastic about the new site – and keen to get early feedback.
"Nothing is perfect so we welcome all comments from customers."