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Gina is a survivor of domestic violence

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Gina and her siblings would get dragged across rooms, beaten up and thrown against furniture when she was little.Her brother committed suicide when he was 21 after he had been unable to cope from being sexually abused by her stepdad. "I wish I could have told him he wasn't alone", Gina says. She had also been sexually abused from the age of five to 15.

When she first met her husband at the age of 18, he was charming and kind but things quickly changed and she suffered mental, emotional and physical abuse from him. "I thought it was normal but I have had my heart ripped out and the pain has been unreal and unbearable."

After 25 years together, Gina fled from her home and is now rebuilding her life: from being unable to say her name at one stage, she is now giving talks on domestic violence and speaking up for victims. She has become a support worker for Bromford and relishes the opportunity of helping others.



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