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Achieving your aspirations ‘Starts at Home’

Bromford has teamed up with housing providers across the UK to highlight the life-changing impact supported housing can have on the most vulnerable people in society.

Starts at Home day, run by the National Housing Federation (NHF), takes place on Thursday 1st September and Bromford is pleased to be backing this campaign to celebrate the importance of these safe and secure homes which help so many customers realise their aspirations. Throughout the day Bromford will be telling the real-life stories of people in various communities who have gained independence or rebuilt their confidence thanks to these vital services.

Chief executive Philippa Jones has thrown her support behind the campaign and said it was “particularly crucial” at a time when the Government is reviewing the funding model for supported housing off the back of the LHA cap proposals; plans which Bromford have been speaking out against since January.

Bromford owns or manages 2,226 supported and sheltered homes and this specialist accommodation is home to young families, older couples, war veterans, those who have previously experienced homelessness, and people living with a disability or mental health condition.

As part of the national campaign, Bromford will also be lobbying local MPs on social media and asking them to champion supported housing in Parliament.

“Supported housing benefits so many different people at some point in their lives,” Philippa said.

“Whether it’s only for a few weeks to help someone through a crisis like domestic violence or longer-term supported living for someone with a learning disability looking to live an independent life, supported housing really does transform lives and enable people to achieve so much more. Supported housing also has a very real and positive impact on society as a whole by helping to reduce pressures on hospital admissions, acute mental health services, residential care and the criminal justice system.

“Campaigns such as Starts at Home day are particularly crucial as the Government explores a new funding model for supported housing and we are delighted to join with the rest of the sector in calling for this essential type of housing to be put on a sustainable footing for the long-term.”

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