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Building a community to be proud of

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All communities have the power to come together and build something that everyone can be proud of.

A number of issues of anti-social behaviour were raised by some residents living at Fox Hollow Close in Northfield around the misuse of a local playground. 

Instead of just sitting back and expecting someone else to deal with the concerns, some of the residents decided to get together to form a residents group to represent the Close.

They decided to focus their attention on the playground and use it to bring the community together. They started by working with other residents to create designs for the new play area, and offered them the opportunity to own the rules and look after it once completed.

The group was keen to improve their community and started to do so through events, fundraisers and trips out. They set up a time bank, where volunteering time to help the community was rewarded with skills and opportunities. Over 50 residents joined the timebank with over 840 hours banked. They have been able to enjoy trips to the ice rink, the seaside and bowling amongst other things. They have also taken part in Northfield carnival and are planning some fundraising for Marie Curie later this year.

Not only did the group help to pull the community together, they gained the support of local councillors with the Lord mayor opening the play area. Now that the group is established, and with the help of Northfield Community Partnership, the residents have been able to apply for funding so they can become sustainable and carry out more activities for young people in the community.

To find out more, watch the video below:


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