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We all have talents but not everyone is given the opportunity to find out what they’re good at; but Cherry Orchard Gardening Services (COGS) are giving people the chance to learn new skills and contribute to their local community.

Based in Burntwood, Staffordshire, COGS offers a scheme for people with a learning disability that teaches gardening skills that they then use to manage and maintain around 140 gardens in the Lichfield area.

Many of the people who are a part of COGS either struggled at school or college or found classroom learning inappropriate and the opportunity to gain skills in gardening has given them the chance to make a positive contribution to their wider community.

The course gives the gardeners the opportunity to learn a trade, gain team-working and problem-solving skills which all lead to increased confidence with the added bonus of a well-deserved NVQ qualification.

In 2012, they won the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award for enabling disabled people to find work and also provide elderly neighbours with a valuable service that helps them feel more secure. COGS is run for, and by, people with a learning disability and the charity is committed to helping develop a safer, happier and supported community for everyone.

Find out more about the work they do by watching the video below:


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