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Pat McFadden pays visit to Bromford customer

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Wolverhampton South East MP, Pat McFadden took some time out of Westminster life to spend an afternoon with Evelyn Hazeldine, a lifelong Wulfrunian and campaigner for better housing in the city.


Evelyn has been a customer with Bromford for over 14 years and plays an important part in its Customer and Communities Network (CCN) - a panel of customers who scrutinise Bromford’s services and performance.

She said: “I feel it’s important to get involved in CCN and as part of my role, I get to meet face-to-face with senior Bromford people to hear how services are being developed and delivered. I also get the chance to dig into whether these services are working for customers.

“One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed is having an input into shaping Bromford’s new range of services and influencing the way they’re delivered. One of the developments I was involved in this year was considering how Bromford services should leave customers feeling.”

A recent survey suggested that 23% of tenants in the UK strongly disagreed that their landlords care about them. Many of those questioned thought landlords had focused too much on the function of services, rather than how they left customers feeling. Bromford asked CCN to help tackle this.

Evelyn continued: “CCN members considered the really good experiences they’d had with other businesses and fed back to Bromford what we thought customers would want to feel about them.  

CCN will be watching carefully to see how Bromford uses these guidelines in the future as we believe it’s a vital part of them continuing to build relationships based on trust with customers.”

Philippa Jones, Bromford CEO said: “The input from Evelyn and other members of the CCN is invaluable in helping us achieve our aim of helping our customers get to where they want to be. We are able to do this through the relationship that we have with them – what we call the Bromford Deal – and the feedback is key to informing how we communicate. We would love to hear from other customers who would like to get involved.”

Pat McFadden said: “I was aware of a lot of Bromford’s work but it has been enlightening to talk to Evelyn to understand more about how it is really engaging with customers to extend and improve its services and ultimately help them reach their goals.”

Pictured talking to Evelyn left to right: housing manager, Karen Bould, MP, Pat McFadden and Philippa Jones.