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CEO responds to #GE2015 result

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PjsquareWith the UK's General Election 2015 results in, our CEO Philippa Jones, offers her top takeaways and what a Conservative majority Government means for organisations like ours, who work closely with the people most affected by public spending and welfare cuts...

PJ’s Top five takeaways on today's election result: 
  1. With a likely outright Tory majority they will have to find a way to deliver their 'Right to Buy' promise -that’s bad news in the long-term for all those people in desperate need of social housing as it’s highly unlikely the homes lost will really be replaced. We don’t think very many of our own customers will be in a position to buy even with big discounts but some may have family members who will help them raise the funds.

  2. Bank and housebuilder shares were up following the election news, reflecting economic confidence in at least having more certainty. Sales market and house building may therefore do well but it's not clear what levers government will pull to deliver the scale of building they have promised to address the huge shortfall in homes.

  3. We will now find out just what the promised further welfare cuts of £12bn will be. Have to assume young people are likely to be hit hard and many families affected by a reduced benefits cap and the retention of “bedroom tax”.

  4. Wider public spending cuts, with NHS spending to be increased, must mean even more pressure on council services, including social care.

  5. Scottish National Party (SNP) landslide in Scotland, alongside Tory pledge to hold Euro referendum by 2017 will raise huge constitutional questions and the uncertainty that goes with that may have wider long-term economic impact
So what?

Those of us working with people who are likely to bear the brunt of public spending and welfare cuts must now focus even more on how we can best help them survive and thrive in this challenging future. Our Bromford Deal approach to unlocking the unrecognised potential in individuals and communities feels even more right in this context. Practical steps to help people and communities become more resilient and better able to support each other will be the most useful bulwark against a public service infrastructure squeezed to breaking point.

Alongside that practical work with our customers, we will seek to influence central and local government as they begin to shape the detail of their options and approaches.  David Cameron’s acceptance speech was framed around “One Nation” – it’s our job to make sure he understands the reality of the lives of people struggling on the edge of that Nation and that its success depends on unlocking their potential rather than grinding them down.


Philippa became Chief Executive in January 2015 after holding leadership roles across Bromford for over 26 years. She is a calm revolutionary, someone who is fascinated by people and passionate about seeing them unlock their own potential. 

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