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James has rediscovered his passion for painting

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James has rediscovered his passion for painting and has renewed confidence to pick up a brush again after several years suffering depression.

Support worker, Michelle has worked with James on his journey from feeling low after a series of deaths in his close family to being excited about painting and she gets immense job satisfaction from the changes he’s made.

She says: “James is happy and full of smiles. He makes my job worthwhile. He used to struggle to hold conversations and talk in general, but now he can talk for hours! He has a great sense of humour.”

This is a positive result for James after living with a wide range of additional disabilities as well as depression. He struggled to find any direction and as Michelle explains, “he just functioned because he was low. Today though, he has his confidence back.”

Michelle’s feelings as a support worker are echoed by James, who feels his life has changed in a number of ways after receiving help from Bromford. He has found motivation and he can celebrate his achievements.

He says: “I’ve been with Bromford for just over a year now, and I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made.

Robin painting“I could not get motivated to do a painting. Since I had to give up work, I was just stuck in the house most of the day and was bored and stuck in a rut. I needed a change.

“I had a meeting with a support worker who saw paintings I’d done in the past. She asked if it was okay to take some photos to appear in the newsletter. I was pleased and said it would be no problem. I’ve never had my paintings exhibited before!

“Painting makes you feel excited because you look forward to the end effect. It’s something you’ve got total control of. If you don’t like something, you can just paint over it.

“My Marilyn Monroe portrait took me three weeks to do. The hair was the biggest challenge but I do like the effect oil paints bring out on the painting, rather than watercolours. I do watercolours too but my favourite is oil painting.

“It makes me feel good. When I finish, I take a photo of each picture and show it to my family. I know I’m not brilliant but it’s a hobby, and it’s something I like doing. It makes me feel positive. I’ll try and do four or five paintings a year. Before I did this, I was stuck in the house doing nothing.

“I am now hoping to start an art course and with the summer coming, I look forward to getting a chance to paint some landscapes. Painting gives me a real focus.”

Robin picture is James' first painting in several years


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