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BromBox returns for 2014

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Bromford love to hear what you think about our services, whether your experience has been positive or negative. Hearing what our customers have to say about how we work is the only way to ensure we’re doing things right, and fix them if we’re not.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that ‘BromBox' is back!

BromBox is our very own feedback blog, where you can submit your opinions of our services in any way you want. You can send us your thoughts as text, videos, photos, audio, literally anyway you want.

When the BromBox team receive your message, they’ll post it onto the blog for all to see. We don’t filter feedback, and would only edit your submission if it contained personal information. What you send us is what will go online.

The BromBox project originally launched for two weeks last year, but was so successful it is now being opened permanently. Thom Bartley, Bromford’s Innovation Assistant, came up with the idea last year while looking for new and exciting ways to give customers a link straight to the heart of Bromford.

“It’s about crowdsourcing opinion”, he explains. “We want to know how people rate us, good or bad, and at the same time ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share their story. It’s not about us deciding what should be our focus, but customers leading the discussions”.

Thom is looking forward to hearing from our customers again. He added; “The idea is to engage with customers, let them know that we want to hear what they have to say and then provide an easy to use platform, so that everyone has the opportunity to get involved.”

“We only went live a few days ago and we’ve already had some great submissions.”

Customers can also share their thoughts on Twitter using #BromBox in their tweet, or on the Bromford Facebook page by posting their comment and #BromBox . Those providing feedback who can’t get access to the internet can write to: Brombox, Exchange Court, Brabourne Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV10 6AU.

The Homes and Communities Agency, who regulate Bromford, require affordable housing providers to demonstrate they listen to customer feedback, however as Thom explains, BromBox goes further than what is normally required.

“BromBox is simply a way to showcase our customer’s stories, feedback and ideas through a website. We’re really opening up the business and adding value to the transparency.”

Ready to share your thoughts? Visit and find out more on our FAQ page.