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Home Rewards Club - A year on

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Bromford has released findings from trialling the Home Rewards Club over the last year.

We were one of only a handful of landlords to take the 'tenant cashback' initiative as we believe in supporting our customers to be self reliant.

The scheme has given 130 customers the option to carry out their own repairs and take responsibility for tenancy-related issues (such as rent payments, neighbourly disputes and low-level ASBs) and be rewarded for doing so.

Despite some cynicism in the housing sector, it has helped us realise some savings and demonstrate a reduction in repairs and less reliance from customers on us. It has also helped us to connect with those customers who wouldn't normally call on our services and who take pride in looking after their homes - our properties - and we were really encouraged to see that these repairs had been done to such a high standard!

Until we launched the scheme there was a preconception that the bulk of our customers were not online when, in fact, two thirds of our Home Rewards Club customers are and happy to deal with us in this way. As a result we were able to reduce some of the costs we had accounted for by changing the way in which we communicated with customers.

Encouragingly, nine out of ten of our customers would recommend the scheme to their friends and families. One of our customers told us: "Makes you feel independent and enables you to keep your house together as it also enables you to purchase decorating materials."

Home Rewards Club is not for everyone but offers choice to those who feel they want to be part of it.

The next steps for us are to use our experiences over the last 12 months to integrate our new reward offer with our mainstream services and, in particular, the Bromford Deal.

If you're a landlord thinking of rolling out a similar scheme with your customers, you might be interested in our Tenant Cashback Toolkit.