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DIY SOS style makeover for local man

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Bromford Support is set to change the outlook of one young man from Nuneaton by providing a DIY SOS style makeover for his home.

Bromford called on support workers to nominate customers for a special makeover after recent changes to welfare meant community care grants, often used to help furnish properties, were no longer available. Bromford also noticed a worrying increase in the use of payday loans and so aim to raise awareness of the other options available.

Following a submission from his support worker, a customer was selected by a panel to receive a very special makeover from a team of Bromford volunteers. The customer is also set to receive furniture from local ‘up-cycle’ initiative Second Chance, a food package from the local Trussell Trust food bank and an account from Nuneaton Credit Union with the opening balance provided by Bromford.

The customer’s run-down bedsit will be transformed on 28th June, with support and donations from B&M, Asda, Wilkinsons, Caldwell DIY Store, Dulux Decorator Centre and United Carpets. Bromford will also be providing a repairs engineer from its affordable housing arm to lend some DIY expertise. 

After facing years of personal adversity, including losing his mother two years ago, this vulnerable customer rarely leaves his home as he suffers from depression and severe phobias.

His support worker, Anna Mitchell, put in an entry for the makeover as she felt his bedsit was desperate for some ‘TLC’. She said: “My customer was very keen to have this done and be involved in our #BromfordDIYSOS project.”

“He hasn’t had it easy and his mental health issues compound the situation. The home was in disrepair, with peeling wallpaper and poor living conditions. Due to his personal difficulties and the fact that he spends so much time in his room, I felt that he could really benefit from the makeover.

“We found out he’d been chosen a couple of weeks after I submitted photos of his room. It’d be an understatement to say he was over the moon.”

Bromford’s North Warwickshire Team found that a safe and comfortable environment is just one piece of the puzzle in supporting vulnerable people.

Service Manager Karen Ovens felt with the loss of important funding something needed to be done. She said: “We spend time with customers helping them to overcome major barriers in their life. Our primary aim is to ensure when they leave our session, whether that is to go home or out with friends, they still feel safe and supported. It’s not just a customer’s past that can affect their situation, but also the environment in which they spend their time.”

“Previously we would call upon Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans, which provide a pot of money to help us buy furniture, paint and call in repairs engineers if they are needed. Unfortunately, as these grants are no longer available, some of our customers have turned to payday loans, which we would always advise against.

“Just a lick of paint can have such a massive impact on one of our customer’s lives so the team met up and came up with the #BromfordDIYSOS idea. Hopefully this will be the start of a bigger project, as helping a customer to be their best often starts in their own home.”

Support worker Anna believes the makeover will give this customer a much-needed lift. “I can’t wait for the ‘big reveal’. This will give my customer the boost he really needs to move forward and lead a happy life.”



The DIY SOS makeover will take place over June 27th and 28th, with the big reveal and photo-call at 4pm on 28th June.

Local press are invited to the reveal for a photo opportunity, as well as a chance to see the post-makeover bedsit and chat to the customer and his support workers.


Donations have been received from the following organisations.

  • B & M
  • Asda Nuneaton
  • Wilkinsons Nuneaton
  • 2nd Chance: Up-cycle initiative donating furniture
  • Nuneaton Credit Union – Setting up account for the customer
  • Bromford Living – Providing a repairs engineer
  • Caldwell DIY Store
  • United Carpets
  • Dulux Decorating Centre
  • Trussell Trust Food Bank
  • Community members and neighbours also volunteering time and gifts to the project