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Bromford on the hunt for customer feedback

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A leading social business providing affordable housing and specialist support across central England has announced the launch of a special online project to gather customer feedback.

Bromford, which manages 27,000 homes and supports a further 9,000 customers, is set to begin a two week blog-based project to innovate the feedback process that customers use, to share thoughts on how they rate the organisation’s services.

Launching on Monday 19th August and open for two weeks, Bromford is encouraging customers to log on to to share their stories and experiences. Based on the popular blogging tool Tumblr, customers can post videos, images, links and text to help the affordable housing provider understand how it can improve key services.

The project follows on from Bromford’s acclaimed 2012 Customer Annual Review, which used a one-take ‘magic hands’ video to show how the business was doing. However, BromBox goes one stage further to crowd source feedback, with a customer focused annual review launched later in the year from the information gathered.

Customers are already sending in their thoughts, with a number making it clear to BromBox coordinator, Thom Bartley, that they’re eager to get posting. He said; “We wanted to ensure that every single one of our customers had the opportunity to share their story. Instead of us creating a review that covered what we as an organisation think is important, we wanted to create a review that covers what matters to our customers.

“The idea is to engage with customers, let them know that we want to hear what they have to say and then provide an easy to use platform, so that everyone has the opportunity to get involved.”

The project will also use social media to gather customer insight, including #BromBox on Twitter, and the Bromford Living Facebook page.  Those providing feedback, that don’t have access to the internet can also send their thoughts in the post to: Bromford Group, Exchange Court, Brabourne Avenue, Wolverhampton Business Park, Wolverhampton, WV10 6AU.

The Homes and Communities Agency, who regulate Bromford, require affordable housing providers to demonstrate they listen to customer feedback, however as Thom explains, BromBox goes further than what is normally required.

“BromBox is simply a way to showcase our customer’s stories, feedback and ideas through a website. We’re really opening up and taking the transparency we already value and promote at Bromford one step further.”

When submissions to BromBox close, the team will identify the top trends and standout stories to produce the official ‘customer annual review’ on the organisations website.

For a step-by-step guide to submitting a story or FAQ’s on the project or to find out more, visit