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Nick Cummins reaches out to Bromford customers

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As Bromford wins its re-tender for providing Acquired Brain Injury services for the next three years at least, Executive Director Nick Cummings has been visiting homes of Bromford customers in the Black Country.

The aim of the visits was to better understand the support the organisation provides and how it can improve its services further as Bromford works towards its goal of becoming a top three provider of affordable and supported housing by 2016.
Nick said of the win: "This is a niche service that our team provides for a person with brain injury and you can really see how valuable this service is to our customers."

Nick met one customer, a former accountant, who had a brain tumour six years ago which left him paralysed after surgery. Despite getting his mobility back some time later, he can't read or write and his speech is affected - he knows what he wants to say but gets muddled. He is currently going through a divorce and he has been helped by Bromford's support worker, Kate, with a range of support from dealing with legal correspondence to helping him move and even getting him five months of backdated disability living allowance entitlement.

Hayley Murphy, service manager for Bromford's Black Country area, said: "Nick did brilliantly. He got really involved, sitting down and spending time talking to a number of customers and helping them with a variety of challenges."

Nick said of his experience: "The week really brought home how easy it is for customers with a range of needs such as Acquired Brain Injury and mental health issues to find themselves in debt, often resulting in visits from collection agencies and sometimes court summons. It has been good to see the rich diversity of services Bromford Support offers across a whole range of different clients who have complex and challenging personal and housing needs.

"The biggest thing we offer to our customers apart from the fantastic support we demonstrate every day is the element of hope for people who need a better life. It was heart-warming to see the commitment and enthusiasm of our colleagues and I feel privileged to be a part of what was a fantastic experience. What this has taught me is that Support Workers undoubtedly save considerable amounts of public money that is otherwise spent by health and support services."