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Bromford passes on savings to customers in tenant cashback scheme

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Bromford, one of the UK's leading affordable housing providers, is passing on savings to customers in its new tenant cashback scheme, 'Home Rewards Club'.

The Home Rewards Club is a scheme that makes the best use of money and is in two parts - a repairs element and a housing management element. Customers can choose either or both options.

The repairs element involves customers carrying out their own low level repairs on their homes in return for either cash or vouchers worth up to £300 per annum. The housing management element involves customers dealing with any low level neighbour issues, getting their own housing options advice and not needed Bromford involvement to deal with arrears or anti-social behaviour. Customers who sign up for this option will be rewarded £200 at the end of the 12 months.

Bromford is still responsible for carrying out external repairs, work at height or work with gas and electricity. Bromford also carries out an Annual Property Survey at the start of the agreement and returns after 6-12 months to make sure the customer is keeping their part of the agreement as well as giving tenants opportunities for training and employment

Bromford is one of only a few landlords to have taken the initiative to test the government's scheme and has been running it since November.

A total of 125 customers have been signed up so far (44 in Lichfield; 36 in the Sandwell and Dudley areas; 38 in the Cotswolds and 7 in Stratford).

Darrin Gamble, head of neighourhoods (West Midlands) said: "This is a win-win situation. Customers who have the ability and desire to do more in their homes can do so and we can pass on to them the savings that we would normally spend on repairs and contractors."

Savings are made in many ways: reduced repair costs; reduced void costs; less customer recharges; less arrears and a reduction in administration.

Darrin summarised: "We are still very much at the early stages of our pilot and continually learning from the process, but we hope that by 2013 we can roll this out across the group. This will help make savings for Bromford which we can pass on to our customers who want to do more in their homes."

Pete Docherty, a Bromford tenant in Lichfield said: "For me the service is a win/win and I think that every council and social housing association should take it up. I am quite an impatient person and I take a lot of pride in my home so the Home Rewards Club is great for me as it means I can get on and do my own repairs and get rewarded for it.

"I have learnt how to tile and have re-tiled my bathroom and kitchen. When I get the money together I am also going to be re-tiling the hall floor. I can now also hang doors and I have fixed cupboards and sinks.

"I am unemployed because of my epilepsy. I am hoping to go back to work and the scheme has helped me develop skills and more importantly boost my confidence so that I can get back into employment."