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Bromford response to Cameron’s welfare reform speech

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We agree in general with many of the principles of David Cameron's welfare reform speech. We agree that government policy needs to address the root causes of poverty and that work, not benefits, is the best way out of poverty.

However, we don't agree with simply abolishing housing benefit for all under 25s. Many young people leave home specifically to get work but may still need some housing benefit to help them pay their rent. It must also be appreciated that many people have complex personal and family circumstances.  We have customers who face a whole range of challenges and problems from violence to homelessness. Many have no money, nowhere to go and no family. For them, staying at home with their families is simply not an option.

If housing benefit for under 25s was cut, it may create a whole mass of social issues including more prison sentences and psychiatric problems, costing the taxpayer more than housing benefit does.

It is early days yet and we welcome engaging in a sensible debate about shaping an approach to welfare reform that will help and encourage people to work and protect those who can't.