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Community breathe sigh of relief as Bromford eject antisocial resident

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Bromford, one of the UKs leading affordable housing providers, has supported a Shifnal community in evicting a troublesome neighbour who caused 13 years of misery for local residents.

Mr Roger Lacy, age 54 of Spencer Court, Shifnal, committed numerous acts of aggression and anti-social behaviour towards local community members and customers of the housing provider, including verbally abusing the public from his window and threatening one resident with a snooker cue.

Now, after a battle through Telford County Court, Bromford have managed to secure the eviction of Mr Lacy as well as a 3 year injunction, bringing stability back to the troubled neighbourhood. Mr Lacy did not attend the hearing, which took place on 29th June 2012 in front of District Judge Brown.

Mr Lacy had shown aggression to Bromford repair teams and verbally abused colleagues working in the Bromford contact centre. Customers also reported verbal attacks while volunteering in a charity shop and as well as another occasion when Mr Lacy was verbally abusive to a neighbour, kicking her dog.  Mr Lacy was also reported to have thrown water over passers-by from his window.

Despite an extensive record of incidents, many distraught customers were reluctant to give statements due to fear of reprisals.  Even when Bromford's community safety team launched an investigation and offered support to those affected, victims of Mr Lacy's tyranny refused to come forward as witnesses.

The final straw came when Mr Lacy was verbally abusive and threatening towards a family member of a resident. Deciding enough was enough; the family arranged a neighbourhood meeting to discuss the issues, inviting residents and Bromford representatives along. Bromford community safety managers were alarmed when over 20 customers old and new came forward to tell their stories of how they had been affected by Mr Lacy. 

Lisa Brett, Community Safety Manger for Bromford said, "When we saw the profound affect Mr Lacy had on our other residents, we started to collate evidence and served notice. His intimidation of residents resulted in him being given a Harassment Warning by the Police. 

When Mr Lacy's inexcusable behaviour continued, Bromford worked with the Spencer Court residents to gain possession of the property and for an Injunction to exclude him from entering Spencer Court or causing a nuisance and annoyance to customers.

The case put together by the Bromford team was so overwhelming, Judge Brown immediately granted a possession order and an Injunction with Power of Arrest for 3 years.  After the hearing had concluded Mr Lacy attended court and gave the Association the keys, stating that he did not want the property and had left.

Resident Annie Brown of Spencer Court thanked Bromford for all their support and work to help the community. She said; "I want to say a big thank you to Bromford and everybody involved with the Roger Lacy case. It has taken a few days to sink in that I don't have to worry about being abused when I come home and it feels great.

"I felt so liberated this morning I have actually opened the bedroom curtains for the first time in about 6 years. The downside is I now have to clean them."

Lisa Brett believes Bromford could not have completed the actions needed to remove Mr Lacy if it were not for the courage and perseverance of Bromford customers.

She explained "Our customers were all willing to stand up and be counted and they are now looking forward to rebuilding their community."

"No one should have to put up with the kind of behaviour our customers experienced, and we implore anyone in the same situation to come forward and report the culprits to the relevant authorities. In an emergency always dial 999"   

"The safety and security of customers and their homes is very important to us. Bromford have advice on our website,, and our community safety team are always available by phone to offer advice and support. "

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