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Re-launching a service for vulnerable people across Worcestershire seeking support to find housing solutions

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Bromford Support is re-launching the 'housing move-on and matching' service for vulnerable people with a learning disability across Worcestershire, working with the 'Worcestershire Supporting People Partnership.'

In partnership with Worcestershire County Council, the service supports those with a learning disability to find appropriate housing for their needs: either to live alone or those who want to live in shared accommodation with others in similar circumstances.

The service works with individuals to help them find the right living companion and identify the right place to call 'home' in the community. Working with a whole range of landlords we are able to identify different types of housing to suit individuals and find the right solution for them.

Jo Fieldhouse, Bromford Business Manager said: "This service is about maximising housing options for vulnerable people and making sure we make best use of appropriate accommodation across the county and also minimise vacancies for landlords and providers."

Bromford is urging people to get in touch with them via Emma Bannister on 01527 558225 or email: .
Jo summed up: "We are also keen to speak to private landlords to find out how we can open up our options for housing solutions whilst helping them to let suitable accommodation."

Laura Westwood, commissioner for supporting people Worcestershire County Council said: "We are delighted to be involved in this partnership which aims to facilitate real housing choices for vulnerable people who often have limited choice."