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Decade of success for young family scheme

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Hobart Road, a young family scheme managed by leading specialist support provider Bromford Support, will celebrate 10 years of helping to build happy homes for young families this Friday. 

Video release to follow. 

The nine-flat scheme in Princes End, Tipton, which has seen over 50 young families pass through its doors and go on to have brighter futures, will hold a special celebration marking the anniversary.

Supporting parents aged between 16-29, Hobart Road aims to provide new families who face homelessness with the skills to manage their own home and finances, find work and ensure a secure future for themselves. The scheme also provides safe and secure accommodation, as well as a communal playroom and on-site support workers.

The 10th anniversary party will see a host of external agencies paying a visit including Sandwell Homes, the local neighborhood police team and NHS family nurses team. Previous residents of the scheme who now live in their own homes have also been invited to celebrate the impact Hobart Road has had on their lives.

Bromford Floating Support Worker Emily Hill believes Hobart Road provides an essential service to the people of the Black Country. "We try to provide a safe environment for our new young families, not only helping them build a family unit, but also by teaching essential life skills such as looking after a home, managing finances and much more. 

"Hobart Road has had 10 years of helping people achieve some amazing things and transforming lives, it's great to have seen over 50 people pass through our doors and on to a better life, and we want to mark this occasion."

Kirsty and Richard moved into Hobart Road in April.After becoming pregnant, the couple searched for a council flat but to no avail, and so were forced to sleep on Kirsty's parent's living room floor, essentially becoming homeless.

Kirtsy said, "When we originally tried to get a place at Hobart Road, we were told there was no room and so I had the baby while we were still at my mom's house. About a month later, Bromford phoned with the news we were hoping for. We felt so happy we finally had a place to call home.

"Once settled, we began to receive amazing support from Bromford, not only with the household things such as paying bills and sorting out benefits, but also with my depression."

"Hobart has transformed my life, I never really thought about my future until moving in and now I have full control of my life. I now feel I can apply for a college course and be a good role model for my little girl."

However schemes such as Hobart Road are seeing an increased demand and growing waiting lists, with funding slowly decreasing. Support Worker Emily added: "Since 2005 we've had over 290 families approach us for support, with only nine flats that means more than 240 have had to join a waiting list and may have been forced to remain homeless or find their own means of support. 

"What's even more of a concern for my team is that we are seeing funding for young families schemes gradually dropping. We have already been forced to scrap a floating support service for those stuck on our waiting list, and in the future many more families may end up on that waiting list as we struggle to maintain the work we do". 

Despite this, residents of Hobart Road are positive for their future and are thankful for everything Bromford has done for them. Gemma fell pregnant at 19, and made the decision to leave an abusive relationship and a violent family home. 

"I went to the local council to see if they could help me find somewhere and they put me through to Hobart Road. I had an interview and was added to the waiting list as there wasn't anything available at the time. When a flat became available, I was over the moon as I could get a fresh start and get my life back on track.

"Since moving to Hobart Road I've had loads of help from my Support Worker, she has helped a lot with bills and even managed to get my son a nursery place. There were times when I have been down and I could just go and talk to her about anything, which has really helped a lot. She has also helped with me trying to get a job because I don't want to be on benefits forever, I want to provide a better life for my son and me. I hope in the future with the help that I have had I will have a good job and a nice house for my family." 

Notes to editors:

Photo Caption: Scheme resident Kirsty (Left) with daughter Alyssa and Support worker Emily (Right) celebrate the 10th anniversary. 

You are invited to attend the Hobart Road celebration at 12.30pm on Friday 7 December. There will be opportunities to chat with residents such as Kirsty, Richard and Gemma, as well as the support workers who help them.

The scheme is located at:

15 Hobart Road, Princes End, Tipton, DY4 9LZ

If you would like to attend, please contact Bromford Comms Specialist Jarrod Williams on 01902396824, or on twitter: @JarrodWilliams