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Bromford Living makes a deal with its customers

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Bromford Living announces its Deal today - a completely new and different way of engaging with its customers.

When customers become Bromford tenants, they join a unique group of people who aspire to belong to a stronger community, by improving themselves and their home. The Bromford Deal makes a promise to our tenants that we will deliver high quality services and first class properties in return for customers fulfilling their responsibilities as a tenant and striving to give something back to their neighbourhoods.

Bromford aims to make being a customer far more than just having a home and paying rent, it's about building relationships that really work.

Darrin Gamble, Head of Neighbourhoods (West Midlands) said: "The Deal is about supporting our customers to be good tenants and neighbours and to achieve their aspirations of employment, training or volunteering. We offer a training programme through Bromford Connect, a unique social network allowing customers to gain new skills, find opportunities, build a CV and apply for jobs.

"Bromford has been piloting the Deal across Sandwell, Dudley, Lichfield, the Cotswolds and Stratford upon Avon. Darrin continued; "We have customers contributing in all sorts of ways: gardening for the community; helping at the local brownies; running a family club and taking neighbours' bins out."

Leading the way in service provision, the Deal is part of a wider Bromford initiative offering annual property services, tenant cashback and improved services for our customers with money invested back into new homes and existing communities.

Additional information what is the Bromford Deal?

Our part of the deal:

1. A home that works well and doesn't keep breaking down, but if something does go wrong, we will put it right first time

2. A neighbourhood that our customers can feel proud of; and somewhere that they would recommend to friends as a place to live.

3. Easy to access services; online, by telephone and in person; giving a choice of how to contact us and to pay rent or service charges.

4. We'll deal with anti-social behaviour quickly and effectively- providing honest advice about what can and can't be done

5. We'll provide flexible and accurate support when moving in or out of one of our properties - making the customer experience as easy as we can.

6. If we get it wrong, we will resolve customer complaints as easily as possible; listening, finding a solution and taking responsibility.

7. We'll provide value for money in everything we do; always looking to be more efficient.

The customer part of the Deal:

1. Keeping to all tenancy responsibilities - including taking part in tenancy reviews and any other opportunities we have to talk about how the Deal is working out.

2. Let us in when we need to have access - especially for our annual property service and gas servicing. This keeps homes safe and stops things getting broken.

3. Contact us when we ask - this stops us having to chase after customers and saves customers money

4. Looking after their home and garden by keeping it in at least the condition it was when moving in. If everyone does this we'll have neighbourhoods that we can all be proud of.

5. Take out home contents insurance - this is to help customers as their belongings can get damaged in things like leaks, floods or worse, and it's their responsibility to make sure they can replace them.

6. Make an effort to sort out differences with neighbours. We don't tolerate anti-social behaviour and we deal with it swiftly. But we don't get involved in tit-for-tat arguments.

7. Agreeing to contribute to the community by either working, being in training or helping others. To do this we will register the customer with Bromford Connect - an online community where they and their family can find local jobs and learn to do new things.