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Flexible working a winner for family and Bromford

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Mother and daughter team Marian Whatmore and Emma O'Sullivan love their family - and they love their jobs as housing managers.

They also love the fact that they have been able to make the most of these two important commitments thanks to the flexible working deal they have enjoyed at Bromford Living.

This much-needed flexibility came to the fore when daughter Emma started a family of her own about five years ago.

"While I was on maternity leave with my first child, my mum covered my patch - and when I returned to work we job shared," said Emma, who now manages the Wychall Farm and Northfield areas of Birmingham.

"While we were job sharing, I spent half the week working while my mum looked after the kids and the other half looking after the kids while my mum worked.

"It was the ideal solution for everyone - the family and Bromford. Then, when my oldest Joe went to school and my youngest Louie went to nursery, we both came back to work four days a week.

"I really appreciate the way that, if it fits in with the needs of customers and the business, Bromford are willing to work with us in such a flexible way - and I think everyone is a winner."

Mum Marian is equally enthusiastic. She started working for Bromford 13 years ago, recommended it to her daughter a few years later - and both say they have never looked back.

The family connection is so strong that another relative, Fiona Hillen, also works for Bromford - and, who knows, Joe or Louie may even follow in the footsteps of their mum and gran?

"That's a long way off," joked Marian, as she worked alongside her daughter at a community tidy-up in Handsworth - part of her patch - with all the other members of the West Midlands neighbourhood team.

"All I can say is that I would recommend working for Bromford to anyone. It's a great place and so are the people. The work is so varied and interesting - and very rewarding. We wouldn't change it for the world."

If you want to find out more about why Bromford is such a great place to work, read the Annual Review 2011, Bromford Street. You can view the 24-page report online at