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Prime Minister welcomes Bromford CEO

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This Monday, premier housing association, Bromford, will havethe opportunity to influence at the highest levels when they spendthe day at Downing Street.

CEO Mick Kent and economic inclusion manager James Walsh willmeet the dignitaries, which include Prime Minister David Cameron,Nick Clegg, many cabinet members, and advisors to the PrincesTrust. The meeting is taking place at the invitation of socialinnovation agency The Young Foundation (TYF).

TYF will be administering and running this month's prestigious BigSociety Award. Bromford and TYF have been working closely to bringtogether insights, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet socialneeds.

Bromford has already made significant progress in its youth workprogramme, Opportunities 4 Employment, as part of its campaign toimprove job prospects for young people.

Mick Kent commented: "We are delighted to accept this invitation.It is an excellent opportunity for Bromford to share with thegovernment our vision for creating work opportunities for youngpeople in Britain.

"We look forward to explaining to the Prime Minister what we arealready doing getting young people into work."

TYF's Tony Colville said: "The Big Society Awards (BSA) are achance for us to strengthen the partnership and introduce Bromfordto a number of key cabinet politicians, other awardees and keycorporate people that will be great partners for the future.

"Bromford have been invited in recognition of their role as one ofthe leading housing associations in social innovation."

Bromford's James Walsh added: "Bromford is committed to providingaccessible opportunities work through our Opportunities 4Employment and apprenticeship programme.

"We see the relationship with TYF playing a key part in developingthe scale and reach of programmes like this which will contributeto improving individuals' lives and the communities where theylive."