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Bromford ‘be a good neighbour’ call as winter bites

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Chilling winter weather has prompted a call for warm-hearted householders to keep a caring eye on elderly neighbours and other vulnerable people who could be at risk from pneumonia or hypothermia.

The warning comes at a time when many cash-strapped tenants are struggling to heat their homes and keep their food cupboards stocked.

Elderly residents, people with disabilities, children and those with long-term illnesses are most at risk from the winter weather, according to Bromford health and safety manager Andy Griffiths.

He said: "We urge able people to take the time to check up on neighbours, relatives and friends who could be most at risk from the cold weather.

"The elderly may especially be prone to pneumonia and hypothermia as temperatures fall - so ensuring they have enough hot food, drinks and heating is particularly important at this time.

"Our housing managers will do their bit - keeping an eye on any customers who they think might be at risk - but, of course, they can't be everywhere at once and the more people who are watching out for others the better it is."

Andy also offered people of all ages some common-sense advice to minimise the risk of accidental injury in cold, slippery conditions.

"Slipping and falling on icy footpaths can cause sprains and broken bones so it is advisable to reduce the risk by wearing non-slip boots or shoes," he advised.

"Another precaution people should take is walking slowly and keeping their hands free from pockets and carrying things so that they can steady themselves should they start to fall."

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