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"I decided to end my life three times."

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After losing her job of 20 years, Freda became ill and got into debt, started drinking and wouldn’t leave her home. She says: “I wouldn’t be here today without my support worker.

"I didn’t know which way to turn and decided to end my life three times but failed. I wasn’t eating and lost interest in everything. I didn’t open my post, wash or move off the sofa. I got more and more depressed.

“When I first met my support worker, Jools, I didn’t want to talk but as we got to know each other, she helped me out of debt and accompanied me to appointments. She became a friend I trusted and I can say anything to her and know she’ll help me out.

“I have now paid my rent arrears and moved to a new place which suits me much better.

“My life has turned right round and I’m a different person. I have come through it all and now go out on my own. Jools gave me confidence.”

(Since filming, Freda has progressed even further and achieved her ambition of volunteering).

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