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Now Louise feels settled she can focus on creating her own business

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Single parent, Louise, and her nine-year-old son, Ethan, finally feel safe and secure in their Bromford home in Winchcombe, Tewkesbury, after years of living in stressful conditions and having to move regularly. Louise says: "I worked out that we've moved ten times since Ethan was born!"

Louise had always rented prior to coming to Bromford but had needed to move on due to landlord's selling because the properties weren't properly maintained. Following a relationship breakdown, she moved in with her parents but that wasn't a long-term solution as she and Ethan had to share a bed. The final straw was when she moved to a flat where she had to endure neighbours shouting and arguing and playing loud music throughout the night.

Louise picks up the story: "I was desperate to find somewhere I could feel safe in and bring Ethan up. I was fed up of the anti-social behaviour and when I bid on the Bromford home I was over the moon when I got it. I can honestly say it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. It means I can now look forward and focus on what I want to achieve - before I was too stressed to think about anything else.

I am now training to be a yoga teacher and Bromford has been very kind to me and is happy for me to start my own yoga business from home. I am also thinking about getting into singing again, maybe joining a choir, it's something I loved when I was younger but just haven't been in any position until now to follow it up.

Sadly, I miscarried my little girl recently and I really think if I was still at the flat I would have had a nervous breakdown.

Bromford has changed my life totally. I am now in a lucky position and finally have the basics of life ticked so I can focus on other things in life, creating my own business and planning for the future. Ultimately I want to get off housing benefit and buy this house - it's my sanctuary."