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What do you see?

An old man?
Look again, and this time look a little closer.
You will still the old man but you may have noticed that he is smiling.
Look again…his jumper looks a little large.
Look again...into his eyes this time.

He is a person; with thoughts, feelings and memories. He has a sense of humour; possibly a favourite meal.
He was a baby once, possibly has siblings. He could be married with children and grand children. He may love sport and traveling. He could have been a policeman, a scientist or a factory worker.
The point that I’m making is that if we dig a little a deeper there are always layers that should be peeled away to enable us to see the real person beneath.

By looking beyond the obvious, we can maybe begin to understand. This understanding can help us to break down barriers and to challenge common misconceptions.

Very rarely are things as they first seem and over the coming weeks we will be posting pictures that will hopefully encourage you to #LookAgain
Please get involved in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Open your mind, look beyond the obvious and encourage others to do the same.
Watch out for the #LookAgain and please get involved.

By looking again, we give people a chance.

Have we got you thinking? Come and have a look at how we help and if you feel that you could make a difference, you could even come and join us.