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Is being too organised bad for your health?

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Are you organised? Support worker Deona Eubanks is, but is being organised really that good for her?

Deona takes to the Bromford blog to look how being organising yourself can really impact on the lives of others.

My friends and family often tell me that I worry too much, sometimes I agree with them and other times I don’t. The thing is, I try to be organised in life and I often end up putting pressure on myself. I like things to be as perfect as they can be and this is where I think I go wrong. I can worry about things unnecessarily before they’ve even happened as I try to plan ahead. Sometimes though, I plan too far ahead that it’s a joke!


‘Organise don’t agonise’ – Nancy Pelosi

For example, I’ve recently been on holiday and for two months before I went I was buying clothes and organising what I will be wearing on each day with a separate outfit for the evening should I wish to change. My partner thinks I’m crazy and says I need to relax! This is where being too organised can slowly drive me crazy and add unnecessary worry. He’s probably right though, I know I do need to chill out a bit.

When I’m at work, I plan my diary for the week ahead so my customers and I both know our appointment times and I know where to slot in my admin accordingly. This is probably normal for a support worker I hear you say, but often things don’t go to plan due to a crisis and my to-do list ends up getting longer and longer. When this happens I start to feel disorganised and anxious to get my paperwork done and I struggle to relax until it’s all completed. I usually have two to-do lists on the go and my calendar at home is full of personal appointment dates and school dates for my son; I think I would actually be lost without it. I often suggest to my customers to try using a calendar as it helps to keep on top of appointments and events. 

 Apparently I fit the criteria of a highly organised person as I have the following habits -

Calendar Blocks

  1. I keep my surfaces clear at home
  2. I regularly have to-do lists on the go
  3. I always plan
  4. I file and not pile!
  5. I always write things down
  6. I always find a place for everything
  7. I de-clutter often!




‘Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going’ – Jim Rohn 

When I listen to my customer’s problems and things that they worry about, I often find that my little life worries are put into perspective. My customers have real concerns as they could be losing their home, are homeless or struggling to deal with debt. These are real things to worry about. As a support worker this is where being organised works well as I prioritise and focus on what needs to be done first to try and resolve an issue. I think it’s important to find the balance in life and work and focus on what’s necessary and important. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being organised, however we also have to remember that things will always work out in the end one way or another. 


‘If you think positive, you’ll get positive result’s’ – Murna Braham   To do list

I suppose the point I’m trying to get across is, it’s great to be organised but better to be realistic and to focus on what’s important. We will always have everyday little life worries but there is always hope. This is what I try to instil in my customers; to always have some hope and to remain positive. My mum is a very inspirational and positive woman and I can always hear her voice of reason when I start to worry about things. This often helps me to deal with whatever I’m faced with and I try to be a voice of reason for my customers and instil hope in them too. 

At Bromford Support we do our best to support customers through their crisis and we have been successful in this for many years. We are passionate about people, are willing to help those who want to make a difference and change their lives for the better. Most of our customers feel stuck in their ways and habits and feel they would like to change, but can’t or just don’t know how to.... my mum always tells me ‘if the mind can conceive an idea and you believe, then you will achieve’.

Now back to organisation and my conclusion. As support workers we strive to be good leaders and positive role models to our customers whilst trying to empower them to do their best; real leaders are mentors who provide hope for the future. Being organised both mentally and physically is the key.

Oh yes, I almost forgot one important element, in doing all of this, we sometimes forget to relax, smile, have fun and enjoy the journey, as the road to success is always under construction!!!

Deona is a Support Worker with Bromford Northampton floating support team.

Follow her on Twitter: @deonaeubanks