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Bromford is on the verge of an exciting journey, which will change the way we work internally, to ensure we're delivering the best services to our customers, and building stronger relationships across our communities.

Our organisation is in a great shape and we want to build on this success to grow our business so that we can inspire even more customers. However, we acknowledge that as we’ve evolved and the organisation has grown, some things we do aren't as streamlined as they could be.  We know that if we focus on some of these areas, and refresh the way we work, we can be even better at helping colleagues and customers be the best they can be. 

We call our transformation programme, 2point0.

2point0 is providing us with a platform to change things. It’s like starting with a blank piece of paper to say “if we could design our business in an ideal world, what would that look like?” And with that we are removing the barriers and the shackles that can often prevent us from achieving our goals in the best way. 

The vision for a future Bromford is to be a business that has simple, customer-focused ways of working, and services that are as easy as possible for colleagues to deliver and for customers to access.

2point0 will be a significant investment of time for our colleagues to ensure that our transformation programme, and the many change projects involved, are successful. 

We'll be building our delivery team of project managers and business analysts and we'll be recruiting for roles across the whole breadth of services we deliver, enabling us to free up colleague time to design, develop and implement new systems and processes. You can see our advertised jobs by clicking here.

If you have experience in business transformation and would like to get involved in helping shape our exciting future, please register your interest using the form at the bottom.

Before you do, watch this short video which explains the 2point0 principles...

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