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Replace fluorescent lights and starter motors in your home

If it’s time to replace your fluorescent tubes in your lights, we ask that you give it a go first before calling us out – it really is simple once you know how! Watch our video to try it for yourself and be sure to take your old fluorescent tubes and starter motors to your local recycling centre for correct disposal!


*Fluorescent lights and starter motors *

*For Health and Safety in this video are designed to HELP YOU. If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek firth help and advice. If you’re a Bromford customer, feel free to call 0330 1234 034*

“We’re here today to explain to you how to replace your fluorescent tube and starter motor, we would ask you to do this before we would come out to do a repair, here’s how we do it.”

“The first thing to do is find your fuse board and isolate the supply to the lighting circuit, once you’ve isolated your supply the first thing to get a sturdy ladder, grab hold of the tube and twist 90 degrees, the tube will then just fall down, before you dispose of your tube, get the relevant information off it so you can get a replacement, you can then dispose of the tube at a local recycling centre.”

“To fit your new tube again get you sturdy ladder line up the tube pins on the tube with the slot in the light and twist 90 degrees, it’ll click into place when your tube is fitted.”

“If you find that your light fitting still doesn’t work it may be that your starter motor is at fault, to replace your starter motor position your ladder in place your starter motor will be located on one side of your fluorescent fitting, to remove it turn it a quarter and pull it straight out, details of which starter motor you’ll will be displayed on it, once you have taken these details make sure you dispose of it at the local recycling centre, to sit the new starter motor position your ladder in place, place the starter motor in the hole and give it a quarter turn, now turn you lights back on and check that it is working.”

“If you followed all these steps and your fitting is still not working, please call us on the number below and one of our engineers will come to help you, thanks for watching.”

*0330 1234 034*